Uhmw-Pe Slidng Sheet For Bridge Bearing

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Introducing our newest product, the UHMWPE sliding sheet – the ultimate solution for alpine regions. Specifically designed for bridge bearings and large building supports, this product is ideal for construction projects in challenging environments.  UHMWPE sliding sheets are available in various types such as round, rectangular, curved, and pot bottom, and are available in white or black. Plus, it has excellent resistance to low temperatures, making it perfect for harsh weather conditions.

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Compared with traditional PTFE material, UHMWPE sliding sheet has excellent wear resistance and long service life. In fact, the lifespan of the sliding sheet matches the lifespan of the building, and there is no need to replace it halfway. Additionally, the product has excellent compressive properties, making it a durable choice for support structures.

A standout feature of UHMWPE sliding sheets is their versatility. It can be used in a variety of applications, from industrial equipment to marine construction projects. Its excellent abrasion resistance, impact resistance and water absorption make it ideal for a variety of uses. In addition, the product offers excellent performance in low-friction applications such as conveyor belts and sliding platforms.

All in all, UHMWPE sliding sheets are a versatile and durable product, ideal for use in alpine regions. Its excellent resistance to low temperatures and compression, combined with its superior wear resistance, make it a popular choice for bridge bearings and large building bearings. Choose UHMWPE sliding sheets and enjoy a long-lasting, high-quality solution to your construction needs!

The product dimensions are as follows: 

Square ≤3000mm ≤1500mm 4-8mm
Round ≤1500mm / 4-8mm
Pot Order by clients / 4-8mm
arc Order by clients / 4-8mm

The product meets the en1337-2 standard and can also meet the European EAD 050004-00-0301 quality requirements.

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